Money Makes Money


But What if You Don’t Have Enough to Start?

The idea of working on the internet and living in a warm climate, preferably near a beach, is a dream for many.

Starting With One Dollar and a Solid Strategy Could Get You There!

My own strategy involves a referral business and financial trading. I realise my choices will appeal to some people and not others but, to the latter group, I say ‘take a look…just in case.’

Begin by reading this summary site (The link will open in a new tab):

You’ll find it’s a referral business but one which has real money saving benefits for us. And you start that business with $1 a month!

The first benefits are for USA residents but the others are available worldwide. If you live outside the USA you can still join, offer all the benefits to people in the USA, and get paid for doing so.

A recent testimonial from a Phase 1 Member which costs just $1 a month.

“Good day! I wasn’t sure where I should send this, and I don’t normally do testimonials, but this just couldn’t be helped. Using the Phase 1 Benefit of Hotel & Travel: We needed a near last minute hotel close to Washington, DC during Inauguration week. (Near impossible to begin with!)

However, I decided to visit our Hotel and Travel Membership through My1DollarBusiness, and found a hotel 23 minutes outside DC. Free wifi, Free parking, and free breakfast with our room of only $84! (This is all fees and tax included!)

I looked into the “usual cost” of this same room at the same hotel for the very same night and very same benefits — $183. Wow – a $99 savings!”  Needless to say, I am super pleased, and I thank you,

C. Barton and the family God bless!”

Remember, You Can Start With Phase 1 at Only $1 a Month!


The second part of this strategy is the key to your success and you will need to suspend your disbelief when I say it’s possible that you could make up to 373% every 4 weeks.

Slightly more is possible but I have chosen to work to certain figures which give me that 373%. You’ll see how that figure is reached later on the specific website.

You can learn more by going to (The link will open in a new tab):

On that page there are three very short descriptions each with a link to my other sites.

The first site has information about genuine traders, who are making money with Binary Options, and are also good teachers.

The second site relates to Forex trading, and the course headed by Marc Walton, who has many testimonials from people who he has trained to become successful traders.

The third site contains information about making money from Gold and Silver. There’s an excellent webinar available for you to watch by Minesh Bhindi who has been teaching people his strategy since 2010 and has an independently verified success rate of 92%.

Each site has much more detail on how you can start learning life changing skills that could get you to the country of your choice.

I would recommend that you start by reading the third site in my list: Trading Binary Options-that’s the one where I show the maths how 373% is achieved.

A final word…

This is not all about money, although that plays an important part.

It’s about helping people to achieve their own goals, helping people take care of themselves, freedom to travel, freedom to make choices, freedom to work where YOU choose, freedom to help others…and freedom to do something worthwhile.

Financial Freedom Helps You Achieve All Those!


In the category ‘helping people take care of themselves’ is a unique product called HELO

HELO is a personal device that monitors the vital signs thanks to the latest generation sensors, completely different from those installed on generally available trackers or smartbands.

HELO monitors heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate and it delivers ECG (electrocardiogram) readout as well as a complete HRV analysis to indicate “mood” and “fatigue”.

HELO also has a panic button and by pressing twice it activates a signal that sends a text message through your phone indicating your GPS location coordinates together with a preset SOS message to all your present numbers.

HELO has a lot more to offer and you can watch an excellent demo here.


Here are the links again (new tabs will open so you do not lose this page)




Your dream of living near a beach in a warm, low cost, country has just got closer…if you look, and take action!