You Need Money to Make Money!


But What if You Don’t Have Any?


A Company called GATOSK Could be Your Solution!





There are more ways to make money with Gatosk but, for now, we are looking only at the Pay-to-Click part of the business because it’s FREE to join.

Learn How You Could Earn Close to $150+ a month From PTC!  Possibly More!

The Gatosk paid-to-click platform is absolutely free to participate. Not only will you earn from your own PTC efforts, but you will also receive a 100% CASH payout CHECK MATCH BONUS on direct referrals.

That means, if you told let’s say, 5 friends who also wanted to make some money and they each earn $150 a month, you could earn an extra $750 on top of your own PTC income.

So, in that example if you also earned $150, your total for that month would be $900!…and you paid NOTHING to join Gatosk!

You can, of course, tell more than 5 friends and that will help to increase your own income.

When an advertiser places an ad for the PTC platform, it costs them between 4 and 8 cents for each click they receive to their advertisement (website, youtube, link, etc)

PTC participants (you and me and anybody you tell) receives 2 to 4 cents for each ad they click on.

Let’s say 1 click (PTC) takes 15 seconds

So 250 clicks (PTC’s) will take 250 x 15 = 3750 seconds = 62.5 minutes

Allow 90 minutes/day

2 cents x 250 = $5 x 30 days = $150

4 cents x 250 = $5 x 30 days = $300

So potential earnings can vary depending upon how much is paid per click.

This is a real company with real products and a combination of Free PTC, e-commerce, advertising and social media.

To know more please follow these instructions:

Register with Gatosk here. (all links open in a new tab so you don’t lose this page)

You can also see the home page here.

Log in to your facebook account, then go to my facebook page here and send a friend request.

When you do that kindly send me a message in facebook saying you have signed up using the link on this page, or you can send a message via the Contact page on this site here. (a new tab will open so you don’t lose this page)

I will then know why you have sent a friend request and will accept you.

I also ask for your permission to add you to the company facebook group which has much more information about how you can earn this money.

There really is NO investment for you to earn money with PTC.

Don’t worry, how you earn is explained in one of the documents in the ‘Files’ section of the facebook group.

Remember, to Earn with PTC, YOU PAY NO MONEY TO JOIN & NO MONTHLY!


For My Active Gatosk Team Members

You Will Be Gifted in to Two Other Businesses!

And Get Paid in an Appreciating Commodity-Bitcoin!

The Bitcoin increase in value is like having another business making you money…but without the work!

As an active member of my team as soon as you earn $47 from the PTC platform, and I have been paid the 100% matching bonus, you will get an opportunity to make MORE Bitcoins.

I will pay for you to join another business where you could make up to 3 Bitcoins in a few weeks and then, as the business grows, anything up to 115.2BTC!

It doesn’t stop there! Further down you’ll see a business called LeasedAdSpace.

When your Gatosk PTC earnings reach a total of $87 I will pay for your Level 1 and Level 2 in that business as well.


As you can see on the image below the business has 6 levels.

I Will Be Paying For Your First 4!

All I ask is that you actively promote the business by making every effort to help spread the word and invite a minimum of two good friends you want to help…and ask them to do the same.

Even though they may pay, unless you want to ‘pay-it-forward’ for them, they will also have a great opportunity here.

Why not show them Gatosk first so they can join for free and make money?

Gatosk will be helping us all to start making money without having to pay any joining fees or monthly fees and I want to help you make some more.


To understand why Bitcoin is vital to your future financial health scroll down and read the Banks and Bitcoin sections.

In all three businesses you can be paid with an increasing commodity-BITCOIN!



100% Payouts with NO Admin Fee and NO Monthly Fee

The words in this image say it all for me!



You Can Also Earn Bitcoin with LeasedAdSpace!

LeasedAdSpace is an advertising platform where each member receives credits for banner ads and text ads. You can also send a solo ad email with regularity from once a month to every 48 hours to the opted in members.

The frequency depends on which level you are. The credits increase as a member moves through the levels.

The LeasedAdSpace commission payment structure is very popular as it is direct member to member, so there’s NO waiting for the company to pay out commissions.

DIRECT and IMMEDIATE COMMISSIONS from one member to another!

And don’t forget, when your Gatosk PTC earnings reach a total of $87, and I have received the 100% matching bonus, I will pay for your Level 1 and Level 2 in LeasedAdSpace as well.

LeasedAdSpace Packages are Shown Below


The Benefits of LeasedAdSpace

LeasedAdSpace Compensation Plan

How Much Advertising Does $7 Get You?

LeasedAdSpace is 100% Payouts with NO Admin Fee and NO Monthly Fee


  • You can be paid in a commodity, Bitcoin, that people are forecasting will increase in value.
  • Your $7 cost to join LeasedAdSpace can be covered by sponsoring just one person!
  • You have NO other out-of-pocket cost if you upgrade using commissions received.
  • You have NO monthly fee.
  • The Bitcoin increase in value is like having another business making you money…but without the work!

Can You Trust the Banks?

AS you read through this site remember…

1. When you deposit money in a bank it is no longer legally yours.

2. When you deposit money you are classed as an unsecured creditor to the bank.

3. In the event of a situation like the banking crisis of 2008 happening again derivatives and toxic debt are a priority over unsecured creditors.

4. The insurance you think you have for £85,000 in your account is worthless for the following reasons…25 billion is set aside to cover losses but 9000 billion is the amount of customer deposits that requires cover and
297,000 billion in derivatives and toxic debt must be paid first.

Don’t be a victim of bankers who are above the law!!

Scary isn’t it!

That’s why Bitcoins are useful and becoming so popular!


You can learn what Bitcoin is here and here. (a new window will open so you do not lose this page)

Some people in the financial world are now forecasting Bitcoin will rise to $2000, $3000…even $10,000 as you’ll see in this video.

Bitcoin has fans like Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates here.

Bill Gates has more to say here.

It seems sensible to market a business using Bitcoin, which people are forecasting will increase in value, rather than one using FIAT currency which is proven to decrease in value and buying power.

Still not convinced about Bitcoin? Read this article where the first investor in Snapchat thinks each Bitcoin could be worth $500,000 by 2030!

While the article shows solid mathematical reasons for that figure it also suggests possible challenges ahead.

However, imagine the price reached was ‘only’ 10% of that and you had joined a business years before where you made 30 plus bitcoins.

It’s also becoming more and more certain we’ll have another banking crisis worse than 2008!

And if events in Cyprus 2012/2013 are a guide people could lose money when banks get into financial difficulties again!

Read about what happened in Cyprus here and here.

Here’s the story about a couple who lost their life savings because of the events in Cyprus!

The bottom line?…don’t trust the banks! BE YOUR OWN BANK!

The large financial institutions are already hedging and preparing for a crisis by buying Gold. They are probably buying Bitcoin as well!

How to Buy, Send and Receive Bitcoin

To send and receive Bitcoin you will need a ‘wallet.’ You can open an account at Blockchain here.

To change currency to Bitcoin you can use Coinbase.

Check here to see if Coinbase is available in your country.

If Coinbase is not available in your country try a Google search using the phrase: change currency to bitcoin in ‘your country name here’

Another very useful site showing where you can buy Bitcoin regardless of your country location can be seen here. Linking to the site does not imply an endorsement of any services you may use there.

Here are the links again (new tabs will open so you do not lose this page)

Join Gatosk

Gatosk Store

Team Link Here


Your dream of living near a beach in a warm, low cost, country has just got closer…if you look, and take action!