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!!Alarm Bells!!   


Bloody GREAT BIG GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS alarm bells are ringing all over the world about the financial stability of many economies…


…and YOU WILL NEED a Financial Umbrella!

In the next 2 – 10 years the number of people with financial problems will increase dramatically for many reasons but the three major ones, which will be worldwide, are…

Another banking crisis and financial crash

The inevitable pension fund time-bomb

The equally inevitable rise of AI and the resulting worldwide job losses

If, as many people are forecasting, the next financial crisis will be within the next 2 years, and if the recovery period is about the same as before, it’ll be immediately followed by either the rise of AI or the pension fund time-bomb…or both at the same time.

We are facing a devastating three wave financial tsunami!

The last financial crash, mainly caused by reckless lending, resulted in many people losing their homes, incomes and businesses.

Just to digress a moment…go and Google ‘Deutche bank crash’ and see what’s being said about how fragile the bank is.

Then there is the pension fund time-bomb and the millions of people who will either not receive the state, or private pension, they currently expect or the amount will be much reduced.

A promise is a promise unless it’s made by a Government!

Finally, technological progress and the inevitable rise of AI will cause many more people to lose their jobs and incomes.

Predictions, in the UK alone, forecast almost 9 million jobs will be lost to AI.

Yes, British politicians are saying that new jobs will be created, which are at a lower risk from AI, but you have a feeling they would say that anyway!

So, almost 9 million jobs lost in the UK…can you imagine what the numbers will be for the EU, the USA and the rest of the world!

Somewhere, probably, there are secret government departments running computer simulated models looking at all the likely outcomes…including major civil unrest.

If you think this is being melodramatic then feel free to do your own research or check the various links below.

Financial Crash

‘Another bubble is unavoidable due to human nature, jealously and greed.’

‘People start being interested in something because it’s going up, not because they understand it’

The above are quotes from this interview with Warren Buffett

Read more on the links below:

Deutsche Bank

The Guardian Newspaper

The New York Times

The UK Express

There’s also a major banking crisis unfolding in, of all places, China!

Read about that here.

Artificial Intelligence

Read more on the links below:

The Daily Mail Job Loss Warning



China AI expert says 50% job loss

Pension Time-Bomb

If you’re retired, and you have a pension, or you’re closing in on retirement, and looking forward to living on a pension, there are some freely available statistics you need to know…

But, first, sit and think what would you do do if your pension stopped being paid to you?

Imagine, you go online just to check it was paid in to your account and it wasn’t…what would you do?

Or, imagine, getting a letter advising you that due to the economic climate your pension can NO LONGER BE PAID TO YOU!

You have an existing pension? You’re probably living on borrowed time!…

You’re expecting a full pension?…another illusion!

Consider these statements…

The World Economic Forum reported that in 2015, worldwide pensions were underfunded by $70 TRILLION.

In the US alone, federal, state, and local government pensions are $7 trillion short on the funding they need to pay what they have promised.

And none of this includes Social Security’s almost $50 trillion of unfunded obligations.

And the private sector isn’t in great shape, either. US corporate pensions are a combined $553 billion in the hole.

And one quarter of those funds are expected to go broke within a decade.

Read more here

Pension crisis: bigger than you can believe

Pension Baleout


A UK Pension Scandal

Lambs to the slaughter is putting it mildly.

Tens of thousands of savers have lost up to £10billion in rogue pensions schemes.

And because they were registered on a government site people believed they were genuine.

This following comment is from the article and I can think of no worse position to be in!

‘Because many of the scam schemes destroyed or never kept records of members, it is feared some victims are still unaware their pension has vanished. Others will not discover the truth until they reach retirement.’

So people will reach retirement thinking their plans are set and they will start receiving pension payments.

Only then do they discover!…NO PENSION!…it’s gone!

Scammers have taken their money!

Read the full article here

A further article is here

World Debt

2022 – Crash or Recession? One of them will happen

The sites below show the debt level of various countries…

20 Countries

National Debt Clocks 

World Debt

Those levels of debt can’t continue and one day, very soon, there’s going to be a massive economic meltdown much worse than the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

To learn more simply Google ‘financial crisis 2022’ and read what many people are already predicting.

Other Factors

USA Consumer Debt

UK Consumer Debt

Total Global Debt

…and then along came Covid to make matters even more fragile!

Millions of jobs lost, businesses closing…never to re-open!

Governments borrowing to help people…that will mean tax increases at some time.

And although this article ‘Social Security will run out of money is applicable to the USA many other countries have the same problem

So what can you do to limit how the looming financial problems will affect you?

Probably join a business that either saves money on your day to day purchases or join one that doesn’t rely on product sales or building a large team, although that is an available option if you choose.

Don’t Ignore the Warnings!


That can’t be said enough times!


You’ll want a home that’s paid for…no mortgage and, if possible, you don’t want to be renting.

My personal view is you’ll need a ‘financial buffer’…enough money to last you, at least, 5 years PLUS some form of self-generated income. (Remember, jobs will be lost)

You may also want to consider having some Crypto currency as well.

As an extra precaution you should consider learning another skillset to help you make extra money for both you and your family…but what?

Many people who look to make extra money often take the self-employed route and are drawn towards MLM.

With the three looming job and income threats that business model will probably thrive because of the low overheads when working from home.

But it does have its issues, a major one being that under 5% of people who join an MLM ever manage to earn a reasonable income.

Also, anybody in an MLM selling consumables will need a large team and a large monthly sales volume to achieve a liveable income.

Forex and Crypto trading will not appeal to everyone…it may not appeal to you but, at least, you have the chance to look and learn to see if it’s for you or not.

There are many people who had never considered this niche and yet they are now either learning prior to trading, and using a demo account, or they are already trading…and some are making money.

My plan is to build up from having a passive income and then start trading.

That three wave financial tsunami is coming and you owe it to yourself to do your best and safeguard against any personal disaster!

You Need to Start Planning TODAY!