Earning More Money!

We all need to be doing that right now!..and if you saw my add or post you’re wondering what this is about!

If you haven’t seen an ad here’s the summary…


Get 1429+ FREE sources to promote your business

Give away physical items as sales incentives

Our members access FREE leads for their own business

PLUS! – Tell Others – Get $100/Sale – Paid Immediately!


You can promote this to USA and Canada from any country.

Only USA residents can receive the medical benefits and electronics while only USA/Canadian residents can receive the vacation getaways.

The list of giveaways is shown on the main site which is accessed at the bottom of this page.

When I first saw Stephen’s site, and what he offered, I thought it was too good to be true.

So much so I sent him a list of questions in facebook messenger, even though some of the questions are answered on the main site I wanted  a direct response…and I got it!

He actually gave me some very comprehensive answers within a couple of hours.

The following was the result.

My questions are in bold and his replies are in italics.

Question – Do affiliates have to pay to obtain the products they give away?

Hi Phil. There is no additional fees that the affiliates themselves have to pay in order to give away the items. However, the people they give the items away to will only pay shipping and handling for the physical items.

And if it’s a vacation getaway, the people that the affiliates give them away to will pay things like room tax and resort fees.

The vacations are not free. But they are discounted at rates not available to the general public.

The only time the affiliates will pay for the physical items and the vacation getaways is if they wanted to enjoy them for themselves. For example, taking their own vacation or getting their items for themselves.


Question – Are the free leads really free?

And the leads really are free once you become a member.


Question – Are the 1429+ traffic sources all free or do you pay for some?

Concerning the traffic sources, those are free traffic sources. I haven’t touched paid advertising in over 6 months.

However, there are paid traffic methods in the training area once a person joins.

But the 1,429+ traffic sources I mention a lot are indeed free.

When I say “1,429+ traffic sources”, I’m not even talking about the paid traffic options.


Question – You have a recent post about the new Live Chat’ with you. In that post you say ‘members should get the new affiliate site.’ Is there an extra cost for this and, if so, what is it?

When it comes to the affiliate website everyone gets when they signup, there are two options: The first option is the free version.

However, the free affiliate website version does not have the chat robot on it and all the other bells and whistles like the main website does.

They’ll just have the basic standard website version if they go the free route.

But if affiliates want the upgraded DTO website with the chat robot to have conversions with their website visitors and close sales for them, the live support popup and all the other features, that would be an additional $40 one time.

The chat robot will be included with the upgraded DTO site. Getting the upgraded DTO website is not mandatory but it is recommended.

Also, if the affiliates want a customized DTO video on their websites that brands them completely instead of the generic business video like mine is on the main website, that’s an additional $40.

It’s only optional. It’s not mandatory to get it. However, it is recommended to fully brand yourself.

In affiliate marketing or online business, branding yourself is key.

The customized DTO commercial video has the voiceover man that will announce your name audibly in the video and show your name in text form along with your picture. That’s an optional service. But not mandatory.


Question – If the $100 cost is a direct commission how are you making money from DTO?

Also, in DTO I earn by getting my own signups.

I also earn when affiliates get any of the optional services such as the upgraded DTO site which is the best site version with all the bells and whistles on it.

For example, the main website is not the basic standard version. That’s the upgraded version.

Right now, “Live Chat” is installed on my website instead of the chat robot.

I have the time freedom to be able to chat live. Live chat is not a good option for those who don’t have the time freedom to be online chatting with website visitors.

Most people have jobs, kids to take care of etc. This is why DTO has the robot option that has conversions with website visitors and closes sales for them.

But once again, that’s optional. Not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended.

So that’s it…I can’t add any more. If you want to make some money this is a pretty easy way so click on the image below and get started. A few days later I asked Stephan about the payments as I wanted to be 100% certain…


Question: Hi Stephen, another question…sorry…on the site you say: get paid daily with our affiliate program

Do you specifically mean that on the day an affiliate makes a sale he/she gets paid for that sale on the same day?

Hi Phil. Yes. That’s exactly what it means. There’s no waiting around to get paid with DTO.

Perfect, thanks Stephen.


ps: now that I’ve joined I can confirm that is the case because you generate your own payment link for your affiliate site…simple! 🙂

Having thought about this a bit more I have to say that EVERY Online Business (and Many Offline) plus EVERY AFFILIATE in EVERY MLM  can benefit from increased sales and profits by using much of what’s available here.

And remember, you can be living in ANY country and promote the incentives to the USA and Canada.

That’s how big your market is! 

And You Get $100/Sale – PAID IMMEDIATELY!


To contact me please do so in facebook as I have a lot more to offer if you want to create a Legacy for your family.

Use this business as a way to create your start up capital.

Click the image below to visit the main site and join me.