This page explains a few points about a business I joined and why I joined…

  • It’s established with a minimum start cost BTC$300
  • You can build slowly, or quickly to BTC$100k level then repeat
  • To be clear- you make only one payment & NO MORE OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS
  • Two passive income streams in the one business model-quite clever!
  • Excellent rewards for active members

Now, here’s a comment that might raise your eyebrow…for 6 months I thought this business was a scam!

Pete, a friend…a real one, not just a facebook connection, kept sending me the trading updates each week, like the image below, and I either ignored them or said no thanks.

But one day he sent me two videos which, for some reason, I watched.

One of the videos included the CEO and another guy, called Ron Pope, who owns a totally independent business.

I had come across him before in my internet travels and knew him to be a very straight businessman. He owns The Conversion Pros business and website.

I watched the videos and started thinking that these guys seemed genuine so I sent the videos to another friend, Gary, and asked him to watch them.

I explained that I felt the guys were genuine but I needed another opinion because I wanted to rule out the ’I want it to be genuine therefore I think it is’ possibility.

A week, or so, went by and when I spoke to Gary he said the same thing…he felt sure the two men were genuine.

Well, that threw a spanner in the works!!

For months I had been saying scam, said it to Gary as well!

And now here we both were, saying the opposite!

We recently made a video explaining our feelings which you can watch here.

Now, I know you’ll do a Google search and you will find lots of scam warnings including this one.

The internet is full of information about everything, some good, and some bad.

If it was a Ponzi, as some people suggest, there would be a monthly cost to keep feeding the system.

Let me repeat one of the bullet points above: After that it’s SELF-FUNDING WITH NO MONTHLY FEES EVER!

You’ll find people saying a business is a scam and then pitch you for the one they’re in which, of course, will be ‘genuine.’

And, in the spirit of full disclosure I must tell you we joined CashFX…obviously!…otherwise why would I have written this page!?

All I can say is watch the zoom video we made and also read the page I created at Financial Freedom Information

You’re welcome to contact me with any questions you have but, obviously, the final decision is yours.