The Legacy Plan is a 5 to 10+ year strategy and you will need Desire, Focus, Persistence, Patience and Self Belief.

It comprises of 4 parts:

  1. A Forex trading strategy using a membership site – a variable monthly return of about 50% – 80% should be possible. A second strategy can also be available using another membership site.
  2. A Crypto Bot membership site trading 24/7 – a variable monthly return of about 32% – 50% is already being achieved. The % depends on the number of Bots in use.
  3. Five specialists giving Tech Stocks and Crypto recommendations and strategies – one has produced an average return of over 200%/year since June 2016 and 180% per year since 2011.
  4. Three specialists offering specialist tax planning advice enabling your Legacy Plan profits to be tax free (or very close)

ORGANIC GROWTH                    

The Forex setup costs, and my fee, are the ONLY out of pocket expenses you have. Other setup costs, and specialist advice fees, will come from your Forex and Crypto trading profits.


You will save about 18 to 24 months of searching on the internet for the right information – it has all been done for you.

You will not be scammed by ‘investing’ in a company, giving them your money to trade with and then, after a few months, they disappear with it.

You will only use well known brokers and exchanges for your trading accounts. These accounts will be in your name and withdrawals can only be to either your chosen Crypto account or your bank account.

You will have a proven Forex strategy that is already working for other people.

You will have one automated income using trading bots working 24/7 making money for you while you’re asleep.

You will have specialist contacts, with proven track records, writing to you about Tech stocks and Crypto that have good potential.

You will have specialist contacts advising how you could legally structure a very low tax or tax free option.

You will not have to recruit people to make money.

You will have the knowledge, a skillset and contacts that enable you to work from any country.

You will never need to rely on your local area, or people, for your income.

You will have 4 x 90 minutes 1-2-1 Q&A sessions with me for general discussions, setting up your broker account, MT4 and Crypto trading accounts.

You will have 4 x 90 minutes Q&A Zoom sessions with me for general discussions if we cannot meet face-to-face.

You will also have 1-2-1 conversations/support from me when you hit that wall and feel like giving up.


You will need a fast and reliable internet connection, a good laptop and an extra screen connected to it. For this reason you may also need a power backup system – generator or inverter.

I am not a financial advisor and I will not give you any financial advice, neither will I give you any trading signals. I was actually a mortgage broker and creating a strategy is something I’m good at.

You will have a lot to learn and, sometimes, you’ll feel like giving up and, then, there will be times when substantial profits just ‘fall into your lap.’

Life can be like that…you work for months, get nothing…and one morning you wake up and find you’ve ‘suddenly’ made a lot of money overnight!


You are buying information, and contacts, to save you about 18 to 24 months of searching on the internet and not making any money.

And is this for you? Yes, if someone else has done the research needed and you can start using their plan to make money much sooner than expected.  NO more scams! NO false starts and NO wasted time!


Because I will be focusing on building my own family legacy plan, not selling them, I can only help support a maximum of 24 people and no more. After that this offer will never be available again.

For more details and examples visit this page.

This is not a ‘here today gone tomorrow’ internet program. This is a structured plan using established businesses, and specialists with proven track records, to help you make and save money while avoiding the short term high risk schemes, and scams, currently flooding the internet