Legacy Plan Goals

Hi Dave, I have copied my working notes to this page rather than write a long essay.. This will give you an idea of what will be achieved by the Legacy Plan over time.

Education fees – relieves pressure on parents – education gives better choices in life – Gives the children the option to move abroad and work – Positive mindset education  

Laptops and IT education?

Start learning about Crypto/blockchain https://weteachblockchain.org/    

Phil/John/Paul/Moraa + 1 lady – knowledge of Gathiga families will ensure education fee requests are genuine and in all cases fees paid direct to school

Forex/Crypto trading education will help to find 6-10 people to replicate the Legacy Plan (in different parts of Kenya?) – They must agree and make a commitment to start their own fund and help others

Gathiga orphanage and clinic funding 

Not location specific – Cataract operations – Voxx products, show 2 or 3 Voxx videos – involve Daisy and Mum

Charity will pay for some Voxx products to come into Kenya and people with be vetted by Daisy (a Kenyan doctor and Mum who is a senior ICU nurse) I have known both for several years.

To start PS has sole control over ALL payments

https://www.kiva.org/ similar in Kenya? Register the domain name nisaidie.com

Especially for for single parent (lady) business growth -MUST show initiative and determination by having started a business – this is NOT for funding startups – loan not donation as per Kiva

NO idlers, alcoholics

Explore how the fund can be legally tax free. Is a registered charity in Kenya a tax free entity?            

PS trading/working after taking AH tax strategy and country location advice

Trading by PS and donations paid into a charity specifically setup for this purpose?…or direct from PS?

Will need top quality, well connected, accountant & lawyer in Kenya

End of notes.

Dave, in the above text you saw the product name Voxx. You can read more about what it is and how it works here. The page will open in a new tab so you won’t lose this one.

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