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I created this Financial Legacy Plan for five reasons

First, to take care of my family and safeguard their financial future

To achieve better financial returns and start BEATING BANKS

To enable LEGALLY TAX FREE PROFITS (or very close to tax free)


And, with Pandemic restrictions in mind, to have more TRAVEL FREEDOM


For this, or any, plan to work you need all of the following…

Desire – A Mentor – A Skillset – A Plan – Focus

Knowledge – Information – Persistence – Patience – Tenacity

…some luck – SELF BELIEF and a Helping Hand!

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.’

I am not a financial advisor and I will not give you any financial advice. I was actually a mortgage broker and creating a strategy is something I’m good at.

You will have a lot to learn and, sometimes, you’ll feel like giving up and, then, there will be times when substantial profits just ‘fall into your lap.’

Life can be like that…you work for months and get nothing…and suddenly you wake up one morning and you’ve made a lot of money overnight!

The key is to NEVER EVER give up

The Legacy Plan comprises of 4 parts:

*1. Two Forex trading strategies, using alerts to minimize screen time, aiming for 50%-90% average monthly gains.

Your trading funds would be with the regulated broker of your choice. ICMarkets is good because of their tight spreads. If you’re not sure why that helps you I will explain when we talk.

*2. A Crypto Trading membership website with a specific proven strategy where a number of auto-trading robots, operating 24/7, create monthly gains of 30% plus. Instruction videos are available.

On April 5 I told Gary, who’s been a friend for over 25 years, about this company. I spoke to him again on April 22, and he told me he had set up 19 Bots-one for each Crypto pair selected, and had been using them for the previous 10 days.

All trades were taken automatically by the Bots and, starting with $10,000 capital, the summary is as follows:

10 days – Profit/Return $1450/14.5% – Trades taken: 1850 – ALL IN PROFIT

We then added the following updates for 15 days, 20 days and 30 days

15 days – Profit/Return $1950/19.50% – Total trades since day 1: 2337 – ALL IN PROFIT

20 days – Profit/Return $2251/22.51% – Total trades since day 1: 2711 – ALL IN PROFIT

25 days – Profit/Return $2825/28.25% – Total trades since day 1: 3250 – ALL IN PROFIT

30 days – Profit/Return $3207/32.00% – Total trades since day 1: 3920 – ALL IN PROFIT

30 Day Total Return – 32%

Some trades are under 1 minute while others can be from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. The longest trade was 10 days due to an error by Gary. It was still in profit.

The error caused some trades not to be taken and we estimate if they had been the total profit would have been about 34%.

The bots work, even when a comment by Elon Musk caused a 15% drop in Bitcoin on May12/13.

Your trading funds would be in your Binance account.

*3. Two specialists giving mainly Stock and Crypto trading recommendations and strategies – one source has produced an average return of 203%/year since June 2016.

Your trading funds would be with the brokers of your choice.

*4. Three more specialists offering specialist tax planning advice enabling your Legacy Plan profits to be tax free.(or very close)

These specialists can lead the Legacy Plan owner to possess several legitimately issued passports ensuring freedom of movement between the countries that offer tax planning advantages.

*1 Monthly membership costs apply. Trading capital required.

*2 Monthly membership cost will apply. Trading capital required will come from profits made by 1.

*3 Lots of free information but ultimately the best advice and recommendations will come from the paid products. Cost of products will come from profits created by 1 and 2.

*4 Again, a lot of free information to help with your planning but to get the appropriate and specific advice for your circumstances means direct, and chargeable, discussions. Rather like using an accountant or lawyer. Fees taken from profits created by 1 and 2.

The information and websites for Parts 1 and 2 are given freely, you just need to ask.

The real value is with Part 3 and, especially, Part 4.

Here’s the reason why Part 4 is, in my opinion, the most important one.


Imagine you hadn’t planned ahead and are now faced with a $200,000 tax liability from your trading activities.

It’s not just the tax money you must pay your tax collector that you’ve ‘lost’, it’s the EXTRA profit you could have made by using that $200,000.

Let’s say that profit was 30% a month – $60,000 x 10 months (2 months for travel and vacations?) or $600,000 extra profit in one year!…for you to keep and use! Plus, in this example, the original $200,000 that would have been the tax due!

For example, let’s say, over 5 years…

The tax: $200,000 + the extra profit: $600,000 = $800,000 each year x 5 years = $4 million!

I’ve not allowed for compounding but I hope you see my point, you can do a lot with that extra money…even a quarter of it.

So, why should you pay for the information I give you?

Simply to save time, avoid the searching I did and the bad advisers I rejected.

To use a cliché…time is money. And it’s better to start making that money sooner rather than spend a year, or more, finding the people to help you.

It’s actually taken me the best part of 2 years, probably about 1400 hours to gather all this information and create a strategy.

My plan is to provide for my family and not to let some reckless government squander the tax money I would pay them!

Avoid Tax not Evade!

I wanted a plan to make the money and then link it to a legal tax free strategy so my family would benefit 100% from my efforts and ideas.

Governments squander too much of tax payers money! As an example, look at the money wasted by the UK government in the Covid 19 panic!

There’s another vital reason to make your own plan. Google the phrase ‘pension funds running out of money.’

Here’s one search result just for the USA. Other countries will have the same problem, probably a few years later but it will happen.

This is me.










…and here are my reasons why.










So, back to the cost of the information in Parts 3 and 4, which is $1000 payable by bank transfer or Bitcoin, not a lot when you consider the time and the money it will save you.

As you would expect I will be focusing on building my own family legacy and because of that I will accept only 20-24 people to work with. After that this page will be removed.

I expect 3 or 4 people will drop out while the others will follow the strategy.

I know what’s it’s like to work alone, it’s bloody hard sometimes! Your mind can be your best friend and it can be your worst enemy!

The reason for the limited number of people is this…

You WILL hit a wall…and you WILL feel like giving up! But don’t!

That’s when we will have our private one to one Zoom calls. I’ll be here to support and encourage you.

And because I’ll be working on my own plan I will only have time to help support a small number of people. I’m simply being practical because my focus is my own plan and the charity plans that will follow.

We would need to talk first so you feel comfortable about who you’re dealing with.

So, to start, please connect with me in facebook and we can then talk via messenger. After that we can use Zoom or WhatApp.




Why do I make those statements above? You’ve probably heard of scams called Ponzi’s in which people have lost all their savings and, sometimes, they’ve lost borrowed money.

Go here to the USA SEC site for their definition of a Ponzi.

So, keep your money in a broker account and learn a skillset you can use anywhere!

Part 1 – Forex Account 80%/Month               

The 2 x $4000 withdrawals are capital to use for the Crypto Bot trading in Part 2 and is simply an example on how to spread the risk.

You can then use some of the profit generated by the Bots as your income.

If you you’d like a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet, to experiment using your own figures, contact me and I’ll send you a copy.

In the image below at Week 36 you’ll see another withdrawal for $300,000 which could be the opening balance for the main Legacy Plan account.

After that you can see another regular withdrawal which can be used for whatever purpose or you can compound a little more. Now you’ll start to see the benefits of this being tax free using a specific, and legal, strategy!


The Main Legacy Plan 50% PA and the Power of Compound Interest

And in this image you can see the benefit of compounding over several years and what the Legacy Plan can do. All you need is…

Desire – A Mentor – A Skillset – A Plan – Focus – Knowledge – Information

Persistence – Patience – Tenacity – some luck – SELF BELIEF and a Helping Hand!


When we talk I can discuss variations to the above two images.

Here’s part of a message that was emailed to me recently: ‘Since June 2016, the portfolio has posted an average annual return of 203.5%.

That comes from one of the advisors and does not include the other two income sources you will be using listed in Parts 1 and 2 and another source in Part 3.

As I tend to be over cautious it was my decision to reduce the 203% annual return by 75% and use 50% for example purposes.

Far better to under promise and over deliver etc…

My personal choice is not to make any withdrawals from this account, other than for investing, in order to maximise the compound effect and to always have 10% in cash available for any special opportunities that will appear from time to time.

Cash is King and Always Will Be!

Here’s a quote in an email from one of the tax advisory sources:

‘Offering advice from both local and international tax attorneys on how to create a plan for living tax-free in Country Name (yes, it’s completely compliant, with both Country Name and U.S. tax law)’

Here are some other quotes from a second tax advisory source you will be getting:

‘So far this month, I’ve helped one reader create a plan to save over $356,000 in taxes, year after year after year. As long as he continues to follow the Plan we created together, he’ll save that $356,000 (and maybe more) every year. That’s more than $2 million in the next six years, not counting any investment returns earned with that money.’

‘I helped another entrepreneur save about $150,000 a year.’

‘And a Bitcoin investor will save an expected $1,250,000 in the near-term’

And when you think of tax saving strategies this is just a fraction of what be available to you

  • Setting up one new offshore company in a country with 5% tax
  • Opening two easy offshore bank accounts where he can receive his profits
  • Establishing residence in Europe, where his personal tax rate will be about 4%
  • Working toward an EU second passport in five years
  • Planning to travel between two or three cities in Europe each year

Here’s a reminder of what you’re getting and how much you need to start.

Obviously there’s a value knowing about the two businesses in Part 1 but that information is free.

I will also introduce you to the people who will show, and teach, you their specific strategies.

You are strongly advised NOT to start trading with real money until you know what you’re doing.

You can start with as little as $500 plus applicable monthly fees. This we can discuss.

Part 2 are the auto-trading Crypto bots which will be funded using profits from Part 1. That information is also free.

Part 3 is the mainly Stock and Crypto trading recommendations and strategies – as stated earlier one source has produced an average 203%/year since June 2016.

Remember, the best advice and recommendations come from the paid products. Purchase costs for these will come from the profits you make in Parts 1 or 2.

Part 4 is the key! This can lead to huge tax savings using a specific strategy suitable for your circumstances. The tax savings can then lead to making extra profits which could not be achieved if that capital wasn’t available.

Remember, to get the appropriate and specific advice for your circumstances means direct, and chargeable, discussions. Rather like using an accountant or lawyer.

Again, product purchase costs will come from the profits you make in Parts 1 or 2.

And finally, $1000 for  my support, when you hit the wall, the strategy and the connections in Parts 3 and 4

I really can’t stress the importance of what the people in Part 4 can do for you and the amount of money they will help you save!

Do you really want to pay all that tax?…EACH YEAR!?

I hope, by now, you’re getting the picture!

And in an article, on April21, in the UK Daily Mail newspaper contained a warning to make sure you either disclose what money you’re making or you take specialist advice and make legal and proper strategic arrangements. You can guarantee other countries tax offices will be taking similar views and actions.

You’re welcome to connect with me in facebook and we can then talk via messenger. After that we can use Zoom or WhatsApp.