When the Pandemic is over taxes will increase to pay for extra government spending and mistakes!!

So a strategy to legally make money either tax free or very close would be very appealing to some!

The extra funds in your pocket would help you create your own pension fund.

Look after your own family, become A Nomadic Trader, and then help others the way you want.

This is not a short term strategy and will suit only a few determined people.


Save Money and Become an ANT!

This is a story about two friends who are learning how to make money from Forex and Crypto trading.

Forex takes up some their own time, along with the specialist teaching they receive, while the Crypto trading uses bots, hardly any time, and gives a passive income.

The older of the two will probably make a lot more money, even though their trading frequency will be about the same, simply because of a certain strategy and the enormous tax savings it gives.

How can he do that?…by becoming a nomadic trader, which DOES NOT mean traveling ALL the time!

Creating a strategy to dramatically reduce your tax liability enables you to keep more for your own needs.

It’s like making more money with no extra effort!

One evening, when they were talking about trading strategies, they realised their personal tax liabilities would be about 35% of profits, with the possibly of rising to almost 50%, possibly more.

Neither was happy about this but the younger friend was more resigned to paying it than the older one.

In fact the older one spent some time looking at various options and started calculating.

He estimated that if he made $300,000 annually then over 5 years, assuming the annual tax liability was an average of 40%, or $120,000, the total tax paid would be about $600,000.

He further estimated that figure could be closer to $1 million due to the increase in trading capital each year enabling him to take bigger trades.

His mind was suddenly focused not only on keeping the $1 million but how much more he could make if that money was still his to use.

As a rough guide he estimated that from the fifth year, and assuming he had $1 million, he’d probably be able to make 50% a year.

So from years 6-10 he would be, at least, $2.5 million better off, and that didn’t include compounding!

He had another Gin and Tonic, thought about the $3.5 million in total and 50% of that!…

His head started spinning at the thought so he stopped…

And that’s when he realised the benefits of not remaining a resident in his country of birth and having to pay all that tax.

That’s also when he realised a major benefit of becoming a nomadic trader.

He now had two problems…nice problems, but they had to be solved.

He needed a step-by-step strategy for his trading and, the most important part, a specialist, or specialists, to create a legal and very ‘specific to his requirements’ strategy that enabled him to pay zero, or very little, tax.

There was another benefit from this idea of saving tax. The looming pension crisis and the fact that many pension funds already have serious shortfalls which will only get worse.

So the tax saving part of the plan became even more important for his financial well-being, and for that of his family, because he could create his own pension fund!

Although it took many months of searching, with a lot of false starts, the right contacts were eventually established.

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You’ll also see the incredible effect compounding has over several years!