How Could You Retire in 28 Months?

By Taking $18, Building That up to $1700 and then…

…over 28 months you can aim to achieve what you see in the images below.

Then you’ll be asking:How is Forex Trading Connected with $18 100% Commissions?

Most people have $18 but maybe not the $1700 required. So, it has to be earned and by helping a few people start I am also able to do the same.

All I am doing is using two businesses to create a step-by-step process to achieve the goal of $1700 by starting with $18.

And, don’t worry, you do not have to learn trading as you will see further below.

Read the information in this first section and when you get to the second section called ‘Back to the Future and How to Make $1700’ you’ll see how those $18 100% commissions could help you achieve this.

In the spreadsheet I can only show a constant monthly figure so 30% was used. The monthly average % return will vary between 25/30 – 55%. It will NOT be the same each month.

You can see the effect compounding has month after month.

Each row, 1 – 12, represents one month.

The First Year -Assume a January Start

The Second Year

And the Third Year

So, as you can see, at the end of Month 28 you could have 1.5 million dollars to retire on.

You start with $1000, and you will also need .03 Bitcoin so, in total, you will need about $1700.

The Bitcoin is to pay for something called an EA. An Expert Advisor (EA) is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform.

An Expert Advisor is programed to automatically execute trades on a live Forex account.

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform used by Forex traders, developed by MetaQuotes Software.

You DO NOT need to trade Forex as the EA, also known as a bot, will do that for you.

Setting everything up is easy! You buy the bot, open a Forex broker account, pay $1000 into it, set up MT4 and place the bot in it ready for trading.

After that setup process you will need no more than about 20-40 minutes a day to check things.

Don’t worry if that setup sounds a lot, it’s not and there will be people, including me, to guide you if you get stuck.

There’s also a facebook group which you can join nearer the time you’re ready to start and you will see for yourself the successes other members have been getting.

In the meantime I have posted a few comments below.

Member Posts From The Private Facebook Group



Back to the Present & How to Make Your $1700!

All that Forex trading is a few months away. First, we start working on how to make the $1700 you will need…

If you have absolutely no money to spare simply go to the Home page and join the Gatosk PTC platform and build up from there.

On the home page I talk about making the money to join NetworkerBitcoin but you may want to consider taking this alternative route…it could get you to having $1700 sooner.

Getting 100% Commissions per $18 Sale

So, if you have $18 available now and you like the idea of 100% commissions per $18 sale & NO monthly fee then…

…this business is called ‘CashCode’ and is the best way to begin, you can join Gatosk and NetworkerBitcoin after.

This strategy is a combination of using the marketing training that CashCode teaches you, and offering that same knowledge to others for which you are paid direct $18 per sale.

With one sale you have your $18 back (that’s your cost covered!) then the second $18 sale goes to the company to help pay for site upgrades and your third $18 sale gives you the money to join NetworkerBitcoin.

There is also a $47 upgrade, for a license fee, in the CashCode business which enables you to make more money but this can be considered later as there are other costs involved.

Your primary goal is to start making sales and receiving the 100% commissions of $18 then joining NetworkerBitcoin and inviting people to join both.

Cost Summary

CashCode 1st sale is yours: you receive $18 so your cost is covered.

CashCode 2nd sale goes to the company.

CashCode 3rd sale is yours: you receive $18 from which you buy Bitcoin to join NetworkerBitcoin.

CashCode All further $18 100% commissions are paid direct to you.

There is NO MONTHLY FEE with CashCode!

Click on the image below to visit the site and learn more

And then, by adding the Gatosk PTC platform, and the longer term profit from NetworkerBitcoin will, all together, get you on the road to making the $1700 needed!

This isn’t a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme and it will take some daily effort on your part and the time to start is now!

So, the best order of joining, to speed up the process of making your $1700, is:

  1. CashCode which requires $18
  2. Gatosk PTC which is No Cost
  3. NetworkerBitcoin which requires .004 Bitcoin (about $12)

About NetworkerBitcoin

With this company, called NetworkerBitcoin, you get a listing in the Networker Directory to show your business services, products, affiliate links and website address, if you have one, so you can communicate with other networkers worldwide.

You would be able to promote Gatosk and CashCode in the Networker Directory.

By telling others, who then join, that they can also advertise their business in the directory you are helping to grow NetworkerBitcoin. As the matrix positions are filled so you will begin to earn Bitcoin.

As a paid member you can make money using the company forced 2×2 feeder matrix which flows into the company forced 2×4 main matrix.

As each person joins they fill the next available spot leaving NO holes in the matrix. So people you will never meet, or know, will be placed under you in this company forced matrix and push you through to make that Bitcoin.

You can see more information about how this works on the company site.

After joining you will be invited to join a very useful facebook group with an active, available and reliable owner also posting in there helping members nearly every day!

The one-time payment is 0.004 Bitcoin, which is about $11-$12 in total including fees.

Check the current price of .004BTC here. On that page enter 0.004 in the box on the left.

Currency conversion to USD is automatic. For another currency click on USD to see the dropdown menu.

There is NO MONTHLY FEE with NetworkerBitcoin!

Click on the image below to visit the site and learn more


‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ – Chinese Proverb

Here are the links for you to signup but start with CashCode.




With CashCode you will need a Paypal account and $18.

With Gatosk PTC, free to join, and NetworkerBitcoin, 0.004 Bitcoin to join, you will need a Bitcoin wallet.

With NetworkerBitcoin allow about $12 which includes a Blockchain fee when you join. You will also have a fee when from wherever you buy your Bitcoin.

Information on How to Buy, Send and Receive Bitcoin

To send and receive Bitcoin you will need a ‘wallet.’ You can open an account at Blockchain here. (all links open in a new page and you do not lose the page you are on now)

To change currency to Bitcoin you can use Coinbase.

Check here to see if Coinbase is available in your country.

If Coinbase is not available in your country try a Google search using the phrase: change currency to bitcoin in ‘your country name here’

Another very useful site showing where you can buy Bitcoin regardless of your country location can be seen here.

And another here.

Linking to the site does not imply an endorsement of any services you may use there.