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Financial Solutions

You want to make money?

That’s probably a dumb question…I’ll assume you do!

You want free traffic to an existing offer you promote? 

I’m guessing you’re already an affiliate for a product or mlm business and you’d like to get some free traffic to your link. The products I have listed all, in some, way help you to get free traffic.

One of them also enables you to make $100/sale and get paid immediately. No waiting a few weeks for payment-very useful!

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You want a passive income?…who doesn’t!

Now we start to get serious, for example…


Established business & no monthly payments…and you get paid in Bitcoin.

Interested? Start by reading this page


I really do hate the phrase ‘Life Changing’ but the steps I’ve assembled here are…simple as that!

You want a LOT of money!?…with a ready-made plan to help you make it?

And you want to save a LOT of tax?…in some cases you can make money legally TAX FREE!

Follow this Legacy Plan but I must warn you it needs focus, self-belief, patience and a lot more.

But why is reducing your tax liability so important in helping your future?

Apart from the obvious answer: I get to keep more money it’s what you can do with that extra money as you’ll read and understand on the Legacy page.

Because of the effect of compounding some of the example figures you’ll read will make your jaw drop but that’s just maths.

It’s then you’ll start to realise the importance of a ‘specific to your circumstances’ strategic approach to legally reducing your tax as much as possible, possibly to zero!

It’s a lot to read but, I promise you, it’ll be worth it!