Natures Health Secret Discovered?…or Re-Discovered?

What is Nature’s Health Secret?

It’s when we use the right foods, natural wellness products or a DRUG FREE non-invasive external stimulus that works on a system within the body, it shows much more self-maintenance and self-healing capability than we ever thought possible.

With an external stimulus it’s been scientifically shown that the unlikely becomes possible…even probable, and, yet, it’s not what the medical world would call medicine.

For example, only 10 years ago the following could not have been said:

Neuromuscular science has helped many people stop, or greatly reduce, their dependency on pharmaceutical medication with reports of pain relief in minutes – after months and even years of suffering!

This is not some quackery…these are observations by doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, osteopaths, therapists and sports coaches about a scientifically proven specific range of wearable products.

Other noticeable effects include, but are not limited to, improved balance, mobility, pain management, better energy levels and recovery processes.

Obviously a vastly improved quality of life has been achieved by many people because of Neuromuscular science.

Just above I mentioned surgeons…

Listen to what Dr. Wolf, a specialist in Orthopaedic Spinal Surgery, has to say about this remarkable technology and the positive effects it’s had on his patients.

After listening to Dr. Wolf it’s clear that even in this ‘modern’ age we are still discovering how our bodies work which often dramatically affects how we treat both damage and disease.

And now you can combine the best of modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free and without invasive treatments

It is possible to enjoy a less drug dependent, and better, quality of life EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY ALREADY BE IN PAIN OR DISEASED

The Neuro Path to Faster Wellness

It starts with a special tactile pattern known as Voxx HPT, which is specially woven into each of the Voxx wellness and performance products.

Contact with it triggers a neural response in the brainstem that helps manage pain, as well as improve mobility and balance.

When you wear Voxx socks, insoles, or patches, contact with the Voxx HPT pattern triggers a neuro response that sends information from the receptors on the bottom of your feet (or the inside of your forearm) to your brainstem.

After processing that information, the Central Nervous System (CNS) distributes commands to your peripheral nervous system, affecting various functions in your body, from pain regulation to motor control and balance.

It’s Not a Miracle – It’s Science Working with the Body

It’s using the right equipment to press a specific button aimed at a very specific target

The effect can often be instant, ranging from improved balance, mobility and pain management to better energy level and recovery process, ultimately a happier, healthier life.

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